Meet Sameena

Hi There! I’m Dr. Sameena Groves, a clinical psychologist who began health coaching to offer adult clients a different pathway to thriving in middle age and later years.

Work With Me

During the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, I became acutely aware how the middle-aged clients in my therapy practice were struggling with the “ask” that the world was making of them: parent your children, care for your aging parents, hold down your job, and take care of your physical health all in the context of massive uncertainty and a shapeshifting virus.
We developed a nuanced and deep appreciation for the role that our physical health has in “rooting” us to our responsibilities: without it, we were exhausted, symptomatic, and exhibiting signs of mental health distress. Many turned to television, food, alcohol, and other substances to help manage the overwhelm they felt, only to realize later that the short-term comfort created unintended consequences longer term. Many stopped the exercise habits that helped them feel home in their bodies, disrupted their sleep routines, and increased the amount of time spent worrying for older loved ones.

We're In This Together.

Yet during the pandemic, I realized that some people didn’t need psychotherapy to get unstuck and feel physically more alive: they needed someone to help them unwind habits that were no longer serving, someone to help them design new behavior patterns to reboot physical vitality, and to hold them accountable to their self-selected behavior goals. They needed a health coach to guide them back some intuition they’d lost or towards a new path they wanted to carve.

As a clinical psychologist, I’ve spent the last decade building a thriving and rewarding private practice in New York City and Westchester, New York. I help my therapy clients rework their relationship to their emotions, enhance relationships, and take action in areas they value. So I sought training and hit the books, studying functional medicine, health coaching, motivational interviewing, positive psychology, longevity science, intuitive eating and nutritional psychiatry. 

This cross-pollination of ideas has helped me articulate my holistic approach to coaching clients, which begins with identifying the obstacles preventing optimal health now. Working alongside medical and other practitioners when indicated, I support my clients in identifying the root cause of their current unwellness; doing so helps us address what isn’t working and add in habits – small, doable, thoughtfully designed – that restore balance to the body.

I'm Ready!